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When it comes to your personal information, Zen in You takes things very seriously. We keep your personal information private, safe and secure in accordance to the national laws and regulations. The necessary measures are taken to ensure that the personal information of all users visiting this site will be kept safe and private, promoting optimum user experience. Your personal information is always kept private with Zen in You.

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If you have any queries, suggestions or questions, this site may ask for your personal information in filing a contact submission form. But by submitting your personal information, the user understands the risks involved in this measure and will do so at their own discretion with the website giving a prior message as to what are the risks involved.

While this may be true, rest assured that all personal information that you submit will be kept safe, secure and private by Zen in You and will not be passed on to or sold to any third party groups. Your personal information will not be disclosed for whatever reason and will be cleaned until the site deems that your personal details will no longer be of use to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Zen in You may use the personal information that you have submitted to this site in their email newsletters or in the promotion of any product or services that the site provides or to help you in answering questions that you may have or implementing the suggestions you may give the site. This may include your name, your email address and other relevant personal information that may be required in performing such actions in this site. Your rights and privacy will always be ensured by Zen in You. If you have any questions, contact us at