The Benefits of Zen Practice

Being one of the most popular and one of the best known relaxation techniques, the practice of Zen meditation has become a widespread relaxation technique that is utilized by different kinds of people from all walks of life. While not requiring any props or objects to do aside from yourself, Zen meditation is certainly an easy but incredibly rewarding practice.

It’s no wonder why a lot of people engage in it as there are a lot of benefits that is brought upon by this relaxation technique. Even scientific studies have been conducted to prove all the said perks that Zen meditation brings. But it is only through personal experience that one would feel these benefits. What are the benefits of Zen meditation? Here are just a few of them.

Manage the Stress in Your Life

Stress is one of the biggest problems in a person’s life. In fact, too much stress can have significant effects on health and become a risk factor in developing certain health problems like high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, heart failure, diabetes mellitus and a lot more.

What Zen meditation does is allow you to focus your thoughts and manage the stress that you experience throughout the day. With this method of concentration, you get a better view of the world around you and start to think in a more logical and rational manner that allows you to lessen the stress that you experience while also formulating potential solutions to these problems.

Reduce Fear and Anxiety

In Zen meditation, inner peace and tranquility is the ultimate goal to be achieved. When you feel anxious or scared, meditating is one of the best solutions as it calms your mind and organizes your thoughts. While fear comes from a logical source, anxiety comes from an unknown source.

This is why meditation is one of the most recommended interventions for those who are experiencing phobias or often have anxiety attacks. Zen meditation brings a peaceful and convenient approach in handling these problems as there’s no need to use any medications to help in the soothing effect brought about by this relaxation technique.

Zen MeditationImprove Your Focus

One of the greatest benefits that Zen meditation brings in terms of mental health is by improving your focus. In Zen meditation, you are tasked to focus your thoughts, clearing out the negatives from the positives and concentrating on your breathing pattern to ensure that your mind approaches a state of inner peace and tranquility.

As you continue to focus with the consistent practice of Zen meditation, your mind is honed and sharpened to the point that you won’t have a hard time when it comes to concentrating on tasks. For example, it will be easier for you to concentrate on reading, on studying, on playing chess, on focusing on a video game or other activities that may require a certain level of focus to ensure their success.

A Better Posture

Another benefit that comes along with Zen meditation is that it gives you the opportunity to improve your posture. In Zen meditation, the position often done by practitioners is the lotus or half lotus position. Though exhibiting some differences in their nature, they share a common characteristic in which the spine is put in a mid-line position and straightened out. This ensures that the energy flows evenly throughout the body and focus is maintained.

In a physiological sense, as the spine is straightened out, your posture is improved and with the practice of Zen meditation, the said posture is maintained from a couple of minutes to hours. The longer that the posture is maintained and the more Zen meditation is practiced, the better your posture will become and problems on the spine like scoliosis can be prevented.

Coping with Depression

Depression is a serious health problem that entails several factors. It can come from the sheer amount of stress that one experiences in life, dissatisfaction of life itself or through the unsatisfactory interactions with other people through everyday life. While many just brush depression off as an emotional problem that resolves when left alone, it is considered as a significant problem by various health professionals that can lead to suicide, self-mutilation and the development of other mental health problems such as mood disorders.

However, through Zen meditation, focus and concentration is utilized to organize one’s thoughts to think more logically and rationally. Depression is effectively fought by discarding all the negative thoughts from the positive ones, giving the chance of a better life and improvement for those with the condition.