The Role of Zen in Health

Zen MeditationZen meditation has been a long existing practice that is now known as a popular relaxation technique and disciplinary practice. While it’s true that Zen meditation really does wonders as its ultimate goal is achieving inner peace and tranquility, there are a lot of benefits that Zen meditation carries for its practitioners. Just one of those benefits that Zen meditation does is for your health.

So, you may be wondering, “How can the simple practice of meditation help improve one’s health?” Indeed, there are some things about Zen meditation that can’t be clearly explained by science but it really does its magic for the good of our body. But there are those that a number of research studies have proven the benefits of Zen meditation. Just what are some of the good things that Zen meditation brings to our health? Here are just a few of them.

Fight Off Stress

Fighting off stress is one of the best known health benefits that Zen meditation has. Stress is defined as the natural reaction of the body to unpleasant stimuli coming from the environment. As many research studies have shown, stress is a major factor in the development of diseases like cardiovascular diseases and even weakening the immune system which is supposed to protect us from illness. Stress also clouds our judgment, decision making skills and logical reasoning. As such, Zen meditation is a good way of sharpening the mind as well as fighting off the stress that dreads us everyday of our lives in school or at work.

Relax Your Mind and Body

The goal of Zen meditation is inner peace and tranquility. That is why it should be no surprise that Zen meditation is used as a relaxation technique for both the body and the mind. This is particularly useful as the body incurs strain and stress throughout the day, both physically and mentally. That’s why we need to have an outlet that’s healthy to release all that stress while helping our mind to relax even for just a short while. That’s what Zen meditation is all about. Even some of the big companies like Apple have meditation rooms where their employees can take their time to meditate and relax their mind after a day of hard work.

Increase Threshold to Pain

One of the most well-known practitioners of Zen meditation are the monks. They’re quite popular in fiction to apply the teachings and discipline of meditation in withstanding a significant amount of pain. Though not as nearly incredible as seen in movie or television, it is true that Zen meditation improves one’s resistance against pain. This is through the refocusing of the mind to the other aspects of the body. For example, when the body incurs pain, the mind usually focuses on the site and degree of the pain which leads to us reacting. But with Zen meditation, it teaches us to divert our mind to something else and handle the pain without the intervention of medicine.

Relieve Back Pain

Posture is an integral part of Zen meditation. With the positions such as the lotus and half lotus positions, Zen practitioners are required to have the proper posture to ensure that the flow of energy is evenly distributed throughout the body and the level of concentration is maintained throughout the meditative state. An upright or erect posture is usually needed in this practice. With the continuing practice of Zen meditation, one develops the posture and eventually relieves back pain naturally. This is quite handy for those who experience chronic back pain like those who work desk jobs and jobs that require heavy labor.